5 Essential Traits of a Great Nashville Bus Tour Guide

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Nashville is rich in history and bustling with excitement. If you are new to the area or have just never taken the time to get out and explore, you may not know all this great city has to offer. A tour guide can help you connect with the fabric that made the city what it is today. Here we reveal the traits of a great Nashville bus tour guide, so you can choose the best guide to help you through Music City.


A tour guide needs to have a positive, approachable attitude and be passionate about the local they are showing. If the tour guide isn’t excited, it’s unlikely you or anyone on the tour will be. The tour guide’s enthusiasm should be infectious, so that everyone in the group becomes emerged, engaged and intrigued about the area, it’s history and attractions. A dull tour guide will result in a dull tour.

 2. Knowledge

Your tour guide should be an expert the area, continually soaking up new knowledge to remain relevant. He or she should be able to recite facts about the area, get to know the customers on the tour and use relevant stories that will resonate with tourists. You want to come away knowing more than you did when you arrived, so it’s important that your tour guide possesses a deep understanding of the location you are exploring.

 3. Personality

Having a strong personality is essential to being a great tour guide. This includes having confidence, a good sense of humor and seeking feedback for tourists. They should invite questions, have a certain level of authority, have a good sense of humor and make changes based on customer criticisms.

 4. Experience

This should go without saying, but your tour guide should be experienced in giving tours. Delivering a successful tour is not easy, and an ameteur tour guide may end up giving you a less than ideal experience. Find someone who can manage a tour, tell great stories and deliver an enjoyable encounter with the city. Your tour guide needs to be organized and exhibit good leadership, as well as have the ability to talk in front of large groups. These skills only come with practice, so make sure to book a tour with a seasoned tour guide.

 5. Generosity

In order to be a good tour guide, you need to be generous about sharing knowledge. Someone who loves being in-the-know but holds onto that knowledge as a type of status symbol is not the ideal person to be running a tour. A tour guide should be happy to explain all the nuances and interesting facts about a particular location.

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