Top 5 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Nashville This Summer

 In Nashville

Summer isn’t over yet! Nashvillians still have 2 months and some change of hot summer weather left before the leaves begin to change color and the earth makes its annual tilt moving Tennessee a little further from the sun. Make use of the time that you have left before winter by taking your family out for some fun in the sun!

No matter how old your children are, the following 5 Nashville-area activities are sure to please. Get out your notepad and a pen because these could be perfect for your next family day!

1. Go Treasure Hunting At The Nashville Flea Market

Named as the best in all of Tennessee, as well as one of the best in whole country, the Nashville Flea Market is perhaps Nashville’s largest time capsule. Inside its walls, you will find treasures and trinkets from other times and other places. However, the market itself is a vestige of another, more entrepreneurial time in our history.

The Nashville Flea Market has been open for business since 1969, and regularly plays host to as many as 1,200 different dealers operating an average of 2,000 different booths. Located at the Nashville fairgrounds, this is an excellent activity for families of all shapes and sizes. Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?

2. Go To The Nashville Zoo

The Nashville Zoo has been Middle Tennessee’s go-to destination for animal lovers since it first opened its doors in 1991. Since then, it has grown and expanded, buying up adjacent properties over the years to make room for a laundry list of amazing new exhibits. There’s always something new at the Nashville Zoo, and that is truer right now, in the moment, than usual!

On June 16th, the Nashville Zoo welcomed its 2 newest members: a pair of newborn Red Pandas. You can get a sneak peek at these cute little babies with the zoo’s live camera feed. Red Pandas are as beautiful as they are rare, and the Nashville Zoo is chock-full of animals that are just as amazing.

3. Hike & Swim At Percy Priest Lake

Sitting just east of Nashville, Percy Priest Lake is a favorite watering hole for locals and visitors alike. The natural splendor of this area offers hiking trails, great fishing, and even natural beaches where you and your family can soak up the sun. You don’t have to take a road trip out of Nashville to go to the beach.

If you and your family are the thrill-seeking, adventure-loving types, Percy Priest Lake is also home to what is probably the best cliff-jumping spot in Nashville. A short hike up a small path will lead you to a clearing where you can leap off a 30 foot cliff into deep water. Don’t worry—there are sure to be other people there doing the same thing if you are having trouble finding your way.

4. Take A Dip At Nashville Shores

Also on the shores of Percy Priest Lake is Nashville’s premier waterpark. It’s actually more of a resort than a waterpark, because they offer overnight accommodations and a wider array of aquatic activities than could ever fit inside a traditional waterpark. It’s fun in the sun for the whole family, with options for every age and level swimming skills.

Included at Nashville Shores are jet ski rentals and pontoon boats rentals for Percy Priest Lake. However, the main attraction for many local Nashvillians are the waterslides. Nashville Shores has some of the gnarliest waterslides in the region, which your kids are sure to love.

5. Go To A Nashville Sounds Game

Last, but certainly not least, the Sounds are Nashville’s minor league baseball team. They had been a local favorite for a long time when construction began on their new ballpark. When this new ballpark officially opened its doors in 2015, the Nashville Sounds became an even bigger attraction.

This ballpark is called First Tennessee Park, and it’s got something for everybody. It’s even got a bar next to a game area so that parents can grab a drink and keep an eye on their children at the same time. Next time it’s a nice night and there’s a home game, remember to try this out!

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