Top 7 Things to Do in Nashville During COVID-19

 In Nashville

COVID-19 has brought a long list of changes to our daily lives. Many of the activities we once enjoyed are either drastically changed or currently unavailable. But that’s okay! We can be intentional with our activities to preserve the ideas of social distancing and best practices while continuing to enjoy ourselves.

Nashville is a city made to have fun. This is why people come from all over to visit us. We have a lot to share and that’s not going to stop anytime soon.

There are a few local rules that must be followed in order to safely enjoy what we have to offer. We are currently in phase two of reopening (as of this writing) which means:

  • Facemasks are required in public
  • Retail and commercial business are open at ¾ capacity
  • No gatherings over 25 people
  • Gyms and salons open at ½ capacity
  • Maintain six feet distance from others when possible
  • Restaurants are open at ½ capacity
  • Parks are open
  • Live entertainment is permitted

It’s important to stay on top of local guidelines, especially if you are visiting us from a different city. Updated guidelines can be found here.

These guidelines are meant to keep us safe, and they don’t mean we can’t continue to have a great time in Music City.

Here are the best ways to enjoy yourself in Nashville during COVID-19:

  1. Visit One of Our Wonderful Parks
  2. Enjoy Your Favorite Restaurant
  3. Explore the Adventure Science Center
  4. Drive-In Opportunities
  5. Catch a Show on Quaranstream
  6. Watch a Predators Game
  7. Go on a Bus Tour!

1. Visit One of Our Wonderful Parks

Nashville has a lot of great options to get out and enjoy nature. There are lakes and hiking trails that allow plenty of opportunities to social distance while you exercise. There are many options around the city. You’re never too far from a city park.

These areas are open to the public and offer a variety of ways you can enjoy yourself such as visiting dog parks, skate parks, and more.

2. Enjoy Your Favorite Restaurant

It might look a bit different than you are used to, but restaurants are open at limited capacity in Nashville. Take-out is always a great idea throughout this strange time, but there are plenty of options to find indoor dining throughout Nashville.

Find your favorite restaurant and reach out to them to make sure they are offering indoor dining and to see what their rules are for visitors.

Visit Tommy’s Tours today and learn more about our Nashville bus tours!

3. Explore the Adventure Science Center

The Adventure Science Center is a great place to visit for the whole family. Again, they have their own particular rules for visitors which can be found on their website. Check these before you go so there are no surprises upon arrival.

Enjoy planetarium shows along with their other featured exhibits throughout their three floors of options. Take a break from the heat and learn something new!

4. Drive-In Opportunities

Drive-ins have essentially been practicing social distancing before social distancing even became a term. These options provide plenty of space between yourself and strangers while you enjoy prime entertainment.

Visit the Stardust Drive-In Theater just 45 minutes outside of Nashville for classic movies in a responsible setting. There have also been drive-in concerts to give you a taste of live music that you are most-likely craving. Search for current offerings and enjoy a show from the comfort of your vehicle.

5. Catch a Show on Quaranstream

Musicians are going to keep producing music even if they can’t go out to play shows. Quaranstream is a Nashville-based website that streams live shows from DJs performing inside their homes.

Are you in the mood to dance? Well this is your source of unique and talented music from talented DJs. Pop this on your computer or smart TV and enjoy your Nashville evening.

6. Watch a Predators Game

NHL is back. The playoffs started on Saturday, August 1st. And the Nashville Predators are included in the first round of the tournament. The Predators are a fan favorite around Nashville and watching the hockey team take on the NHL playoffs is a great way to enjoy some Nashville fun.

Keep in mind the current guidelines don’t allow gatherings of over 25 people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the hockey games. Find your favorite hockey-watching friends and watch the games in a socially-distant and responsible manner.

7. Go on a Bus Tour!

COVID-19 doesn’t take away Nashville’s historic qualities. Tommy’s Tours is continuing to offer Music City’s best bus tour around famous areas of town (at half capacity).

Book your Nashville bus tour today and enjoy a unique and fascinating view of our beautiful city.

Contact Tommy’s Tours today!

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