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Nashville makes a lot of national lists for our coffee scene, restaurant scene, and our ability to attract and delight bachelorette parties. There’s plenty of reasons for this — we have a lot to offer.

Another aspect of Nashville’s draw is our exceptional nightlife. And no matter what time of year you make a trip to music city, we’re going to have something fun for you to do.

Those over the age of 21 are probably going to be interested in the bars, taverns, and craft cocktail lounges strewn throughout our wonderful city. There’s a lot to choose from and there’s always something new coming down the pipeline.

We thought we’d put together a quick guide of a handful of our favorites to open up recently.

Nashville has no shortage of bars. Each neighborhood might have their own personality, but they all have something to offer in the way of drinks and spirits.

Here are the top 8 bars to open recently in Nashville, TN.

Lakeside Lounge

Edgefield was a well-loved and historic dive bar on Nashville’s east side. It was quite a shock when they announced they were going to be closing their doors forever. Luckily, the owners of Attaboy, the craft cocktail lounge that shares the alleyway behind the former Edgefield location, stepped in to take over the space.

They kept much of the same vibe while cleaning the place up a bit and extending the cocktail menu. The result is an approachable bar with delicious offerings.

Fable Lounge

Looking for a classy night out? Fable Lounge is the perfect place to get a drink and feel like a member of the elite. This piano bar is located in the city’s West End neighborhood and is sure to impress.

The low key lighting and decor will make you feel like a spy, and their delicious menu will make you feel like dancing. A great food menu gives you the option to stay here all night long without missing out on anything.

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Mother’s Ruin

There’s more than just residents moving from New York to Nashville. Restaurants and bars are making the jump by opening new locations to get in on the action of our massive growth and popularity. Mother’s Ruin is a popular New York bar that recently opened a location in Germantown.

Their delicious drinks and food are available in the bar as well as on a back patio and an upstairs “apartment.” Expect a great environment to go along with great food and drinks.


Have you ever wanted to go to a robot-themed tiki bar? No? Well you do now. Chopper opened up on the east side to address a market nobody knew existed. The delicious and well-crafted tiki drinks look as good as they taste.

You can also expect delicious finger foods to go along with the entire unique experience. Food trucks will occasionally be enlisted to provide larger offerings, but Chopper already has everything you need for a great time.

Red Phone Booth

You might not think the Prohibition of the early 20th century would lend itself to a bar theme, but you’d be wrong. Speakeasies combine all the fun of getting a drink with a dash of mischief. And Red Phone Booth does just that.

But don’t think you can just waltz into this secret bar. There’s a red phone booth out front that requires you to dial a secret number to gain access. You’ll need to find this number from a friend, concierge, or member in order to gain entry. Just know that it’s worth it when you get inside.

Pool Club Rooftop Bar

The Pool Club Rooftop Bar lives atop the Virgin Hotel in downtown Nashville. The views from the top of the building are just about as beautiful as the space itself. Take a dip in the pool, enjoy the expansive views of downtown and surrounding areas, or enjoy expertly-crafted cocktails from the bar.

Tacos, burgers, and more are available for those looking for something a little more substantial than drinks.

Pearl Diver

Pearl Diver is yet another east side bar to offer tiki drinks, but with a different vibe than Chopper. The delicious drinks made quite a splash as soon as Pearl Diver opened its doors and quickly became known as a great spot for late night drinks and bites.

A spacious back patio complements the gorgeous interior space and gives you plenty of options on seating.

Wilburn Street Tavern

Wilburn Street Tavern is another beloved dive bar that ended too soon, only to be resurrected by another notable local. Teresa Mason owns another east side favorite Mas Tacos Por Favor and stepped in to keep the Wilburn Street Tavern dream alive when the previous management announced its impending demise.

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