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Nashville is well-known for the music, food, and nightlife. However, many people don’t realize Nashville has a lot of outdoor activities, as well. Sometimes it’s nice to get a break and head outside for some nature therapy.

Here are the top 10 parks in Nashville, in no particular order.

1. Shelby Park

This is a beautiful park alongside the Cumberland River in East Nashville. It’s packed alongside the neighborhood and a great place to stretch your legs and enjoy the sunshine. There’s a golf course, multiple baseball fields, a small lake, and access to the Greenway. A dog park lets you enjoy the day with your furry friend and the ample space gives you room to ride a bike, go for a jog, or simply enjoy a nice stroll.

2. Centennial Park

Centennial Park is located outside of the Vanderbilt campus just west of downtown. There is a beautiful, small lake that is a frequent hangout for ducks and other water birds. It’s location in the middle of a city center makes it a great opportunity to take a break from traffic jams and red lights. It’s most notable characteristic is a full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Athens. It was built in 1897 and is the current home of an art museum.

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3. Cumberland Park

Located along the banks of the Cumberland River downtown Nashville, Cumberland Park offers an interesting experience and plenty of family-friendly activities. It is a 6.5 acre park that features an amphitheater which can fit about 1,200 people for special events. There is a rock climbing wall, a stone path with misters for cooling off, and a multi-use water area. Direct access to the walkbridge makes this park easily accessible.

4. Sevier Park

Sevier Park is located in the 12 South neighborhood just past the well-known section of the neighborhood that features an abundance of shops and restaurants. There are playgrounds, swing sets, slides, and everything else you need to enjoy an afternoon in the sunshine. Ample green area is bisected by Sunnyside, a historic home built in 1852. The abundance of trees and green space make it a great area in which to amble around.

5. Percy Warner Park

Located in Nashville’s gorgeous Belle Meade neighborhood, the park is surrounded by beautiful homes. Percy Warner Park and Edwin Warner Park are often grouped together as the Warner Parks, although they are technically separate areas. Old Hickory Boulevard runs between the parks which are located about nine miles west of downtown Nashville. Beautiful trails wind through wooded areas and make it feel like you aren’t even in a city anymore.

6. Edwin Warner Park

The other half of Warner Parks also offers ample hiking trails and wooded areas. A dog park, mountain bike trails, equestrian trails, golf courses, and much more are offered at these wonderful additions to the Nashville landscape. Grab a friend and head out to the collective 3,100 acres of forests between the two parks. It’s a great opportunity to get a breath of fresh air and some exercise.

7. Beaman Park

Beaman Park is located on the northwest side of Nashville toward Joelton. This area is a ways away from the other parks on the list which means it offers quite a different experience. Hiking trails wind through high ridges, along streams, and near waterfalls. The remote area is tranquil and serene.

8. Love Circle Park

Love Circle is the smallest park on the list but the view it provides of downtown Nashville makes up for its modest size. Located at the top of a hill in a residential area, Love Circle is a bit of a hidden gem in Nashville. It’s located just outside of the Vanderbilt campus on the west side of downtown. The small patch of land is a popular place to have a picnic during the day and to take in the great views in the evening.

9. Percy Priest Lake

Percy Priest Lake has a lot to offer, and it’s parks are one of its top attractions. There are a handful of day use areas that offer public grills, swimming areas, hiking trails, and more. Grab the family, a group of friends, or both and head out to Percy Priest to take in the great views of the lake and get some sun.

10. Bicentennial Capitol Mall

The Bicentennial Capitol Mall is located on the outer ring of downtown Nashville just before Germantown. It offers a great view of the Tennessee Capitol. The Nashville Farmers market flanks one side of the park and the Nashville Sounds stadium is located on the other side. The 11-acre park offers information on Nashville history and beautiful views. Concerts are occasionally held in the park and an amphitheater also offers entertainment.

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