Tips for Avoiding Heat Exhaustion & Heatstroke in Nashville

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We all know that Nashville’s hot, but with temps flirting with triple digits, dang, it’s really hot. Don’t let the heat cool your enthusiasm for touring the town, though.

But before we dive into time-tested heat exhaustion and heatstroke prevention strategies, let’s start with the basics: if you’re feeling hot, clammy, tired, dizzy, and your heart is beating just a little too fast and your muscles are twitching, stop reading this blog immediately and find some shade! Or seek medical attention. Or book an air-conditioned bus tour of Nashville. Take your pick.

Now that our public service announcement is out of the way, read on for Tommy’s Nashville Tours top tips for preventing heat exhaustion.

Wear comfortable, loose, lightweight and light-colored clothing

We love the Man in Black more than your average bear, but even Johnny Cash knew when to play it cool. Wear comfortable, loose, lightweight and light-colored clothing. Black sucks the heat in, preventing sweat evaporation…which means your body can’t cool itself properly. Instead, wear reflective white and sweat away.

When In Nashville, Buy a Cowboy Hat

Avoid sunburned noses and pink cheeks with a stylish new summer cowboy hat. Lower Broadway’s teeming with famous boot and hat stores like Goorin Bros. Hat Shop and French’s Shoes & Boots. The wide brim of a classic cowboy hat is just the ticket to protect yourself from the sun’s searing rays. Oh, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen to any exposed skin. Not only is sunburn painful, but it’s unsightly and further inhibits your body’s ability to get rid of heat.

Take a Breather on Broadway

If your body’s telling you to cool it, listen. Fortunately, with all that downtown Nashville and Lower Broadway has to offer, that’s not too tall an order. There’s no shame is seeking shelter in a dark bar. If it makes you feel better, call it a honky tonk — we do. Enjoy the complimentary air conditioning of Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge or Robert’s Western World, but remember to tip your talented performers! Go for it, stop in for a set, enjoy a cold beverage, and keep on keepin’ on.

Drink Up, Friends!

Speaking of enjoying beverages, enjoy Nashville’s delicious water. Not beer, not coffee, not tea, not soda, sorry. If you really must spice it up, spike it with some electrolytes. Staying well-hydrated brings on the sweet sweat and helps your hot bod maintain a normal body temperature. And please note: we’re not talking about a sip or two here or there, we’re talking about a cup or so every 15 minutes. Bottoms up!

Take a Load off

If you’re new to Music City, Tennessee, and new to southern summers, it may take several weeks for your body to acclimate to your new environment. But we get it: if you’re on vacation, you may not have the luxury of time and there are places to go and bands to see. You can’t see them if you’re sun sick, so take it easy, and rest as you need to.

Stay Cool and Tour the Town with Tommy

Still hot? Looking for a creative way to avoid the heat? Well, take a load off and step aboard one of our brand-new air conditioned tour buses and see all the Nashville sites with Tommy’s Nashville Tours. We promise you’ll enjoy Charmin’ Tommy Garmon’s fun-packed tour of downtown Nashville’s hotspots and celebrity homes.

Prevent heat exhaustion and dodge heatstroke, book a bus tour of Nashville, TN today.


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