What You Need to Know About the NFL Draft Coming to Nashville

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Music City is hosting the 2019 NFL Draft. Until 2014, the event was exclusive to NYC. Recent changes have been made, and now different cities across the nation are putting their name forward to get a chance to become a host. Nashville placed a bid and won. We’ve got all the information about the event next month.

About the NFL Draft

Let’s talk a little bit about the NFL Draft and what to expect. Each year professional clubs gather together to pick from the top college players across the nation. It’s an opportunity to boost their rosters with young, fresh talent. These new picks are strategic, and anyone who follows both college and pro football is eager to see who is chosen.

Almost anyone can submit themselves into the NFL draft, but there are some restrictions. You have to be a college player and have at least three years of experience playing. College players only get one shot at submitting themselves to the draft, so they want to be strategic. That’s why most of them are seniors rather than juniors.

Now, for the pros. There are 32 clubs, and there are seven rounds in the draft. Each club chooses one player during each round. The team that picks first is chosen in the reverse order of ranking from the previous football season. Because the Patriots won the Super Bowl this year, they will go last out of the 32 clubs.

Choosing Nashville for the NFL Draft

Music City had some fierce competition for the 2019 spot and beat out Las Vegas, Cleveland, Kansas City, and Denver. From 1964 to 2014, the draft was exclusively hosted in New York City. Chicago took over for two years holding the event at the Auditorium Theatre. Since then it was hosted by Philadelphia and Arlington, Texas. 2019 is Nashville’s year, and the city is expected to make some changes.

We already know Music City can draw a crowd. In April of 2018, the Titans revealed a new jersey outside in 40-degree weather. The conditions didn’t deter fans, and a crowd of 20k people showed up. Some of them arrived at least two hours early. Everything about downtown is perfect for the draft. It’s condensed to one area with plenty of hotels, bars, restaurants, and other attractions.

“Following an exciting and successful event in Dallas, we’re thrilled to take the NFL Draft to Nashville. The city has a passionate fan base and offers iconic locations that will enable us to expand the Draft in unique ways,” said NFL Commissioner ROGER GOODELL.

What to Expect at Nashville’s NFL Draft

As we previously mentioned, Nashville is making a few changes to how things are done. Previously, tickets were administered through a lottery system. Not this year. Fans can come to the event for FREE. It doesn’t take much for you to claim your free ticket. Just download the NFL Draft – Fan Mobile Pass app. From there you just need to fill in the information. Be prepared. You will need to claim a different ticket for each day if you plan on attending all three days.

Other changes include the location, and we don’t just mean the host city. 2019 will be the first year the entire event is hosted outside. And, Nashville is trying to bring together different industries by blending music and football.

Butch Spyridon, CEO of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp., said “We’re not going to do it without music. We’re going to do it big. We could do it in a real fun, cool way.”

There are a few things Music City has in planned, and one includes getting some prominent music artists to play before, during, and after the draft. While the artists haven’t been confirmed, some names included Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood and Justin Timberlake amongst others. Other performances are expected to carry out along Broadway in the various honky-tonk bars.

Nashville NFL Draft Information

Remember, the draft is entirely free. And, while there might be big shows going on, there are plenty of other activities happening. We’ve outlined all the necessary information to get you started.

What are the dates for the NFL Draft?

Thursday, April 25th to Saturday, April 27th, 2019

Where is it held in Nashville?

A big stage will be put up on First Avenue and Broadway. It’s here you will see all the clubs make their college picks. Next to the Nissan stadium will be  the “NFL Draft Experience.” Here fans can get autographs from their favorite players, participate in a virtual reality, and visit interactive exhibits. Don’t worry. This event is free as well!

You can make your way to Broadway and be part of the action even if you don’t find your way to the main stage. Tons of viewing screens will be distributed throughout the area. In a commitment to keep the event free, officials are willing to extend these screens all the way to 5th Avenue if necessary.

What are the hours for the event?

Thursday, April 25 from 12-10pm

Friday, April 26 from 12-10pm

Saturday, April 27 from 9am-6pm

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